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Truck and trailer carrying amateur race car stolen in Roseville

When construction manager and amateur race driver Jim Winne’s truck was stolen, he lost thousands of dollars in property and countless hours in the shop.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – A Roseville man says he lost thousands of dollars and countless hours at the store after thieves stole a truck and trailer carrying a race car he built from his garage .

Surveillance video shows someone driving off with the rig just outside Jim Winne’s house early Friday morning.

“It bothers me. It’s really upsetting for all of my neighbors because we’re all in this together. Nobody wants to get robbed,” Winne said.

Winne is an amateur race car driver who competes in the Spec E46, featuring older generation BMWs that started life as passenger cars.

“It allows people like me, who aren’t wealthy, to be able to build a car and race it competitively on really nice road racing tracks across the country,” Winne said.

At the same time, he parked the rig in front of his house, planning to wake up early Friday morning for a test day at Sonoma Raceway.

When he came out of his house around 4:30 in the morning, there was nothing.

“I heard a truck start, but my neighbors down the street have the same diesel truck, so I didn’t think twice about it,” Winne said, adding that he didn’t anticipate anything. as might happen in his neighborhood.

Winne said he called the Roseville police and made a report.

Members of the racing community have floated the idea of ​​raising money to help Winne replace her race car. But in the meantime, Sonoma Raceway will have to wait.

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