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Underbelly Vanishing Act 2022: Melissa Caddick’s Story, Cast, Premiere Date, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know | Explanatory

13 years have passed since the first season of Underbelly hitting our television screens. Each season of the hit Australian crime drama series takes viewers through the rise and fall of underworld figures, told from both sides of the law.

This Sunday, the Underbelly franchise returns with a brand new entry: Disappearance certificate. Here’s everything you need to know about the new show and how you can watch it.

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what belly disappearing act?

Inspired by the real-life mystery that has captivated the nation, Underbelly: Disappearing act delves into the strange disappearance of Melissa Caddick. The high-roller designer brand from Sydney’s eastern suburbs has seemingly vanished into thin air after embezzling more than $40million from family, friends and clients.

Leaving a trail of lies and deception in its wake, the police and their victims must piece together the mystery of who Melissa Caddick really was.

Who is Melissa Caddick?

Melissa Caddick was an Australian financial adviser who disappeared on November 12, 2020 amid an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme.

Kate Atkinson as Melissa Caddick, the high roller who allegedly embezzled over $40 million before vanishing into thin air (Nine)

Caddick disappeared the day after ASIC officers and Australian Federal Police officers raided her home in Dover Heights, New South Wales, suspecting she had stolen around $40million to investors, including his own friends and family.

After months of speculation over his fate, partial human remains discovered on the NSW south coast in February 2021 have been confirmed to be those of Caddick through DNA testing.

who plays in belly disappearing act?

Wentworth star, Kate Atkinson plays Melissa Caddick, the high roller who allegedly embezzled more than $40 million before vanishing into thin air.

Kate Atkinson, Underbelly Vanishing Act
The cast of Underbelly Vanishing Act (Nine)

The series also stars Jerome Velinsky, Colin Friels, Sophie Blooom, Dylan Hare, Tai Hara, Julian Garner and Frankie J. Holden.

How to watch Underbelly: Vanishing Act?

belly disappearing act is broadcast over two main evenings: Sunday April 3 and Monday April 4, after the Married at first sight reunion on Channel 9 and 9Now.

what Underbelly?

The first one Underbelly The season focused on events in Melbourne between 1995 and 2004, referred to in the press as the Melbourne Gang Murders, in which 36 criminal figures and others were killed.

It also covered the transformation of Carl Williams (Gyton Grantley) from harmless driver into one of Australia’s most notorious drug kingpins.

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The series went on to produce numerous sequel series, including A Tale of Two Cities, The Golden Mile, Razor, Badness, Squizzy, Fat Tony & Co, Inform 3838 and several TV movies including Tell ’em Lucifer was there, Infiltration, The Man Who Got Away and Chopper

Stream every episode of Underbelly on 9Now for free.

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