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Upcoming tactical RPG The Iron Oath has a demo and new trailer from Steam Next Fest

As part of the Steam Next Fest, Humble Games has unveiled a new demo for the upcoming turn-based tactical RPG The iron oath. There’s also a new trailer for the game where strategy meets storytelling, and the development team at Curious Panda Games stresses that your decisions will carry weight.

The iron oath takes place in a medieval setting and puts you at the center of a fantasy world where there are many paths to take. You play as the leader of a mercenary company and this is the opening through which you will find and recruit new blood into the ranks of your company. This is where your tactical thinking and management will come into play, as you’ll take on missions that will build your company’s reputation. Each recruit will come with their own stories, with some incorporating events that happened during your game.

Completing missions requires understanding how you can balance the strengths and weaknesses of each character class in your company. The game’s mercenary management system is a deeply fleshed out part of the game, with finances, your roster, happiness or morale status, and you will be able to undertake political and strategic alliances. And you may make a few enemies along the way. There are five regions and biomes in the world with multiple areas to visit on your adventure. Visit cities, which can also be destroyed and even rebuilt, depending on how things go.

When it comes to almost every RPG, the developers insist that choices will matter, and there’s no difference here. Curious Panda emphasizes the impact of choices on the story and the world, as well as the backgrounds of the characters. Spread across the options in the world, there will be choices to be made, and your decisions could have a major impact on your business or even the world. Other choices will also return in a more minor way.

For more information, visit the game’s official website.

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