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Vampire in the Garden Trailer Shows Bloodsucking Predators Against Humanity

The grass isn’t always greener vampire in the garden, the new anime from Netflix which should be released on the platform in mid-May. The story follows humans after losing a war against vampires in a cold winter. Now protected by a wall of light in a small town, they must repel potential invaders to try to live in peace.

The trailer shows one of the story’s turning points, in which protagonist Momo is in the midst of a vocal breakdown about the state of the world when she realizes a vampire is staring her in the eye. Momo and this vampire, Fine, are about to form a bond as they believe there is a place called “Eden” in which vampires and humans can co-exist. The problem is that a pact is next to impossible because predator and prey still live on in the aftermath of war, and they will certainly be targeted throughout their journey.


the vampire in the garden The trailer also reveals that the story’s vampires are more inclined towards their classic horror origins, in which they have violent encounters with humans who often don’t make it out alive. Bizarre and deadly creatures also make an appearance, suggesting that the story’s realm of mystical beasts might not be limited to bloodsuckers.

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vampire in the garden is led by Ryotaru Makiharawho crossed out The Corpse Empire and also worked on the hugely popular anime series The attack of the Titans, which also dealt with humanity on the brink of extinction in the face of supernatural threats. The character design is Tetsuya Nishiowho worked on a list of popular anime including naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, cowboy bebopand evangelization.

Netflix Premieres vampire in the garden May 16.

You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

The fateful encounter of a human and the vampire queen could change the world. From WIT STUDIO and a team of talented designers comes ‘Vampire in the Garden’. One cold winter, humanity lost its battle with the vampires, and with it, most of where they dwelt. A small population of survivors have created a wall of light in a small town to protect them and give them a place to live in peace. The protagonist, Momo, lives a repressed life but still wishes to coexist with the enemy, the vampires. All right, the Vampire Queen, once loved humans and disappeared from the battlefield. As war rages in the city of humans, the two have a fateful encounter. Once upon a time, humans and vampires lived in harmony in a place called Paradise. It is the story of a young girl and a vampire in search of paradise.

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