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Visually Impaired KC Artist Undeterred After Trailer Stolen With Equipment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A visually impaired artist in Kansas City says her trailer was stolen.

It happened in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, late last month. Despite this setback, she said she looks forward to creating new artwork.

One of Katheryn Krouse’s new works of art that you can actually experience for yourself. This is one of more than 100 hearts that will be displayed around the city in the coming days. Krause says that despite losing her trailer, she’s ready to get things replaced and get back to art shows this spring.

With every dab of paint and brushstroke, Krause sees the world differently.

“I love working with lots of textures, I love working with lots of vibrant color palettes,” Krause said. “Sea turtles are actually my spirit animal. They are so majestic and they are survivors.

Twelve years ago, the artist learned that she was losing her sight.

“I love painting how I see the world with my changing vision and a lot of that is Kansas City,” Krause said.

She was diagnosed with Stargardt disease. It makes light and dark look different, and her peripheral vision is better than what’s right in front of her.

“It was kind of scary to see these changes progress in such a short time,” Krause said.

She can’t drive and works as a full-time artist. Krause uses his trailer to show off his art at festivals and conventions.

“One day it just wasn’t there,” Krause said.

She parks her trailer across the street in a closed garage. Krause keeps a chest on the trailer and usually locks it up, but one day it goes missing.

“I’m sure they were really disappointed when they opened it up and found it was just a bunch of tarps and tents,” Krause said.

She says the loss of her trailer is a setback and a hard lesson. Thanks to her family, friends and clients, she earns money for a new trailer and equipment.

“I’m so touched by everyone who’s been so generous,” Krause said.

The police tell her that she will have to wait and see if she is found, and while it would be easy to get discouraged, that’s not her style.

“For the next few months, I bet I paint thirteen fourteen hours a day,” Krause said. “Coming out of the pandemic, I think the potential for these spring shows could be amazing.”

There is a Gofundme to help Krause get a new trailer and the equipment she lost.

If you’re interested in checking out his heart in person soon, it’ll be at the Price Chopper in Liberty before he’s auctioned off for charity.

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