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Warzone 2 Release Date, Leaks, Trailers, And More

Warzone 2 is right around the corner, and after a flurry of leaks and confessions from the developers, the excitement surrounding the battle royale sequel is building. While Caldera almost put the nail in the war zone coffin, a sequel will aim to renew the interest of the title which guided us all during confinement. The only thing is, what’s the war zone 2 release date? And what else do we know about the leaks and trailers we’ve seen so far?

Warzone 2 release date

The first iteration of war zone was released in March 2020, having bided its time after the release of modern warfare in 2019 – the main title of what war zone as we know it works. However, map updates have come at different times of the year, such as Verdansk 1984 in April 2021 and Caldera in November 2021, leaving many wondering when are we going to get our hands on it. war zone 2?

According to Activision’s quarterly financial call, the developers have confirmed that war zone 2 “was going really well”, and is currently slated for a holiday 2022 release, which could coincide with the annual release of multiplayer games (in this case, modern warfare 2), which are normally deployed in November.

Warzone 2 Leaks

Loadouts Return to Warzone 2 Strongholds

One of the essentials of war zone what sets it apart from other battle royales is the use of loadouts. Pre-determined guns and perks allow for creativity and game speed, and are one of the most beloved features. However, the game allegedly inspired by Blackoutwhere the loadouts were not available, will the loadouts come back in war zone 2?

According to Henderson, loadouts will return, but will be kept in Strongholds, which will likely be a hotspot on the map. Additionally, the famous leaker detailed that war zone 2 uploads will only have five attachments, different from avant-garde ten, and you can store additional weapons in a backpack.

Warzone 2 DMZ Map

While Verdansk is likely to return in war zone 2 at some point, in some sort of LTM, the permanent map will be neither Verdansk nor Caldera. Instead, a whole new map is under construction.

The DMZ is configured to be Modern Warfare 2 third game mode, very close to the zombies and special ops of Treyarch, and previous trials like Infinity Ward’s Survival in MW3. DMZ and war zone 2 should share the same map, which will have more objectives, loot points, and even AI to fight.

Warzone 2 features 4 multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare 2 2009

It’s perfectly fine with modern warfare 2 coming soon, the devs are sharing some old school love MW2 title, and with DMZ and war zone 2 having the same map, four iconic multiplayer maps will make their way into BR.

Highrise, Quarry, Afghan and Terminal were all leaked by Henderson to be points of interest in war zone 2, although most of them have different names. Quarry will likely remain as it always has, while Terminal should be renamed Airport, Afghan Caves, and Highrise will just be a Modern City skyscraper – the largest point of interest on the map, according to the tracks.

Warzone 2 Trailers

The first one war zone 2 the trailer is set to drop on June 8, as the devs look to prepare for a release that will coincide with modern warfare 2 in November, or a little after, similar to how war zone was originally deployed.

Activision will be careful not to rush war zone 2especially with the way Caldera was rolled out, arguably ruining the franchise, and will instead have all the dotted Is and crossed Ts.

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