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WATCH | Showmax unveils the trailer for season 2 of Troukoors

Ilse-Lee van Niekerk at Troukoors.

Photo: Lauren Kriedemann/Showmax

  • Showmax has released the trailer for the second season of Troukoors (marriage fever)which debuts on May 5.
  • The series follows three best friends Jessica (Ilse-Lee van Niekerk), her sister Luca (Blyde Smit) and her best friend Abi (Bianca Flanders).
  • New cast members this season include David Viviers, Marlo Minnaar, Ilse Klink and Kylie Fisher.

original showmax, Troukoors (marriage fever)returns for a second season.

The streaming service has just released the trailer for the upcoming season which will have 14 new episodes to binge on starting Thursday, May 5.

Troukoors became the most-watched Afrikaans fictional series on Showmax when it launched in mid-December 2021. It is currently behind only Sex in Afrikaans and devilsdorp in terms of day one views for an Afrikaans title on Showmax.

The season follows three best friends: wedding planner Jessica (Ilse-Lee van Niekerk); his sister Luca (Blyde Smit), a software developer; and her best friend Abi (Bianca Flanders), a professional baker.

Season 2 begins with Jessica still with tasty chef Liam (Christiaan Schoombie); Luca tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with bartender-turned-fantasy-writer Stefan (Evan Hengst) and Abi on a sex fast that we all know will be short-lived.

The trailer gives us our first look at some of the temptations that arise, including David Viviers (Tali’s Baby Diary) as a game designer working with Luca to adapt Stefan’s book into the game, and Marlo Minnaar (Die Boland Moorde, Aan/Af) as a math teacher who catches Abi’s eye. Edwin van der Walt (wonderlus) also plays a bigger role this season.

Keep your eyes peeled during the trailer for first glimpses of SAFTA winner Ilse Klink (Skemerdans, Stroomop) as Patricia and rising star Kylie Fisher (Love and Murder Recipes) as Zamanti, an influencer whose marriage Jessica is embarking on. Jessica will also help Abi’s father, Karel (Kevin Smith), plan her wedding to Nathan (Melt Sieberhagen) this season. There’s still a big wedding to watch, but audiences will have to wait and see who the lucky couple will be.


Troukoors was created by SAFTA winner Louis Pretorius and SAFTA nominee Albert Snyman of Infinity Films (Die Boekklub, Fynskrif), under the direction of his regular collaborator Nina Swart.

We decided to do a fun, lighthearted show about modern romance,” says Louis. “I think we’ve achieved that, but Troukoors has become so much more. It has also become a celebration of friendship and chosen families, as we all need more than one person to fill our hearts. We all need our own village to become the person we are meant to be.

– Creator, Louis Pretorius

Binge Season 2 of Troukoors from May 5 only on Showmax. In the meantime, find season 1 on Showmax here.

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