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“We have a moment here”

There’s no one in Ohio State who will tell you the Buckeyes were hoping to be in the Rose Bowl game on Jan. 1. The Scarlets and Grays entered the season in hopes of returning to the college football playoffs for a third straight year. It didn’t happen and no one was happy with the end of the regular season.

But Ohio State is in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day and that always means something to the Buckeyes. While some may say that non-playoff bowl games don’t matter as much, players and coaches Scarlet and Gray have shared very different messages this week.

Add to that it’s the Rose Bowl, everyone’s grandfather, and there’s always something to get excited about in the game.

Ohio State released its Rose Bowl game trailer on Friday and the focus is on the history of the game and its significance to the Buckeyes.


The trailer begins with ESPN’s Chris Fowler depicting the Rose Bowl with shots of the stadium.

“No setting in sports is that cutscene,” he says. “The mountainous background. The classic design surrounded by trees. And all of this has to be seen and felt to be fully understood.”

He then shows the Buckeyes in practice this week as they prepare to face the Utes. The Head Coach Ryan day then delivers a message to his team.

“They have no idea what this team is,” he said. “I’m just saying to your right now. There is an advantage in you. There is an advantage in you in the way you look, the way you walk, the way you practice, the way you move this week.”

As old images of former Scarlet and Gay Rose Bowls flash across the screen, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit says: “Tradition, pageantry, there is nothing like this place, in my opinion in all. the sports.”

After this season’s highlights and the Buckeyes’ last appearance at the Rose Bowl, senior tight end Mitch Rossi addresses the Scarlet and Gray.

“We have a moment here,” he said. “A moment to change the narrative of what this season is like for the 2021 Buckeyes. Everyone here has their name this season. Let’s just be proud and know we’re going to end this thing the right way because we love each other. the other. Be proud of yourself. “

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Leave your legacy. For all Roses. For the Brotherhood “, flashes on the screen before a final message is delivered by the former head coach Jim tressel: “If you handle adversity, if you stick to the plan, you will have the chance to have a special evening on the floor of the Rose Bowl. “

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