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Which Airstream trailer is right for you?

Owning an Airstream trailer opens up limitless possibilities for weekend camping trips, week-long vacations, or living the full-time RV lifestyle while traveling across the country. Airstream trailers have an unmatched reputation for quality and a unique style that brings a sense of community from the moment you complete your purchase.

Eight Airstream trailer options

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US News has compiled a list of Airstream trailers designed to get you where you want to go in comfort. So, let’s look at eight Airstream trailers to help you decide which one is right for you.

The classic Airstream

The iconic design of the Airstream Classic offers sleeping quarters for five people. Choose between the 30-foot-long aft bedroom model or the 33-foot-long forward bedroom option, each with an option of two twin beds or one queen bed in the master bedroom. The Classic works well for long trips, full-time living, and shorter camping adventures with a luxurious bathroom, modern kitchen including convection microwave, and 60-inch projector screen on the inside. living room interior. Adventure in confidence with the Classic’s built-in solar and GPS locator on the roof of the Classic to help you find your trailer every time you leave the trail. The Classic 30RB starts at $188,100 and the Classic 33FB at $206,500.

The Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition

Designed for weekend adventures and full-time workers, the 28-foot-long Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition 28RB starts at $165,700 and seats five. Unique features include custom furniture based on the Pottery Barn design, an exclusive oak wood dinette table and canvas storage solutions, all with “the timeless design aesthetic typical of the Pottery Barn brand. “. Plus, two floor plan options offer the choice of two twin beds or one queen bed in the master bedroom.

The Airstream Globetrotter

Ideal for travelers who appreciate European-inspired interiors but with the classic Airstream exterior aesthetic. The Airstream Globetrotter offers lengths of 25, 27 and 30 feet. The longest Globetrotter, the 30RB, features a rear chamber configuration and starts at $146,700. The two shorter Globetrotters have a front bedroom plan with the 27FB starting at $135,300 and the 25FB at $126,900.

All Globetrotter trailers can accommodate six people and offer the choice of two twin beds or one queen bed in the master bedroom. Features include stainless steel appliances, Franke faucet and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Airstream International

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Introduced in 1958, the Airstream International was the first fully autonomous caravan. It inspired Airstream founder Wally Byam to lead a caravan of campers from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. The Airstream International trailer offers 11 floor plans:

  • 23FB, from $109,100 and sleeps four
  • 25FB, 25FB Twin, 25RB and 25RB Twin from $121,700 with sleeping for six
  • 27FB, 27FB Twin, 28RB and 28RB Twin start at $130,200 and seat six
  • 30RB and 30RB Twin start at $137,400 with sleeping for six

The Airstream International features a “natural design palette, cool wood tones and seaside-inspired textures,” along with a rear hatch door typically reserved for special-edition trailers. Modern touches include a Furrion stove, Moen faucets, stainless steel sink, LG LED HD TV and leather seating.

The Airstream Flying Cloud

With lengths ranging from 23 to 30 feet and 13 floor plans, the most of any Airstream model, the Airstream Flying Cloud offers something to fit every type of traveler, from weekend warrior to weekend warrior. living full-time in a motorhome.

  • 23FB sleeps four and starts at $94,400
  • 25FB, 25FB Twin, 25RB and 25RB Twin sleep six and start at $107,000
  • 27FB, 27FB Twin, 28RB and 28RB Twin sleep six and start at $115,500
  • 30RB and 30RB Twin sleep six and start at $122,700
  • 30FB Bunk sleeps eight and starts at $124,500
  • 30FB Office seats six, has dedicated office space, and starts at $125,500

The Family Flying Cloud offers plenty of storage space, modern appliances like a four-burner stove, Baraldi cooking vent, and a large sink that provides more counter space for meal prep.

The Airstream caravel

The Airstream Caravel offers everything you need for a weekend or weeklong adventure with sleeping quarters for four. Features include a stainless steel stove with cast iron burners, Baraldi vents and a special edition Black Moen faucet.

The 16-foot-long Caravel 16RB starts at $74,000 and offers panoramic windows at each end for a superior view of the interior of the trailer.

The Caravel 19CB starts at $77,300 and includes a bed in one rear corner and a shower in the other to maximize space. In addition, the shower, toilet and vanity occupy separate spaces to minimize waiting times in the bathroom.

The Caravel 20FB starts at $80,600 and offers the most kitchen counter space of any Caravel. Unlike the 19CB, the 20FB packs all bathroom functionality into one room.

The larger Caravel, the 22FB, has a roomy rear tub that spans the entire rear of the trailer and starts at $83,900. If bathroom counter space is at a premium, this is the Caravel for you.

The Airstream Bambi

As a self-contained Airstream Caravan, the Airstream Bambi is an affordable option for weekend adventurers. This single axle single trailer ranging from 16 to 22 feet is available in your choice of four floor plans that can accommodate four people. Features include stainless steel appliances in a functional kitchenette, a retractable outdoor awning, wheeled lockers and an outdoor shower option.

The Bambi 16RB starts at $59,300, and with its maximum weight of 3,500 lbs, towing is easy and efficient.

The Bambi 19CB starts at $62,600 and includes separate shower, toilet and vanity areas. Plus, you’ll want to use the supplied stove and sink covers to expand the available kitchen counter space while preparing meals.

The Bambi 20FB retails for $65,900 and includes more kitchen counter space and a one-piece bathroom layout.

The Bambi 22FB starts at $69,200 and features a large rear bathroom layout that spans the full width of the trailer.

Airstream base camp

Reminiscent of Airstream’s very first trailer, the Torpedo, the Basecamp is Airstream’s smallest and most self-contained offering. Designed for road and off-road, the Basecamp includes a bathroom, a living area that converts into a bedroom and a functional kitchen.

The Basecamp 16 starts at $46,000 and sleeps two people, while the Basecamp 20 starts at $54,400 and sleeps four people. Either model is perfect for mid-size SUVs and pickups and features large wheels and aggressive off-road departure angles. There’s even a removable outer tent if you need more sleeping space or in bad weather.

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