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Who are the richest people in transportation?

Lindsay Fox is said to be Australia’s richest person in the transport business.

The top 10 energy brokers in Australia’s transport industry have been revealed.

‘The List: Australia’s Richest 250’ was published this week by News Corp Australia. It would be the largest annual survey of Australia’s wealthiest individuals and living philanthropists undertaken in the country.

Lindsay Fox earned an overall ranking of 20, but takes the top spot in the transportation segment with a valuation of $4.36 billion.

He founded the logistics company, Linfox, in Melbourne in 1956 with a truck and has since grown the business to over 24,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

According to Motor force The premier commercial fleet guide, Linfox tops the charts for total number of trailers (approximately 2,500) and prime movers (2,000) compared to all other fleets nationwide.

Terry and Arthur Tzaneros of container logistics operator ACFS Port Logistics follow with a valuation of $972 million each.

Terry Tzaneros ranked in position 135 overall (industry rank two) with Arthur Tzaneros right behind (rank 136 overall, industry rank three).

Over the past few years, ACFS Port Logistics has seen growth in its intermodal footprint as well as significant investment in high productivity vehicles based on Performance Based Standards (PBS).

Earlier this month, ACFS Port Logistics rolled out the Vawdrey 30m A double tarp Titeliner trailers which capitalized on the company’s three-pillar promise of maximizing TEU, weight and cube.

Spiros Alysandratos ranked fourth in the industry (165 overall) with a valuation of $769 million. He founded Consolidated Travel Group, a distributor of airline products.

Graham Turner ranks fifth in the industry (225 overall) with a valuation of $565 million. He co-founded the Australian travel agency network, Flight Center Travel Group.

He is followed by fellow co-founders Geoff Harris (valuation: $546 million) and Bill James ($536 million).

Waste management operators John Richards & Family ranked eighth in the industry (84 overall) with a valuation of $1.49 billion.

Ranked ninth in the industry (161 overall), Ian Malouf has a valuation of $807 million and is the founder of waste management service provider, Dial A Dump Industries. In 2018, this business was sold to Bingo Industries. He is also a yacht broker.

Tony Tartak & Family ranks 10th in the industry (167 overall) with a valuation of $759 million. This family founded a waste management and recycling company, Bingo Industries.

As for the overall top 10 of 2022, the richest individuals in Australia are:

Rank name Evaluation Industry State of residence
1 Gina Rinehart $32.64 billion Mining Washington
2 Andrew Forest $31.77 billion Mining Washington
3 Anthony Pratt and his family $27.77 billion Manufacturing CIV
4 Mike Cannon Brookes $26.20 billion Technology New South Wales
5 Scott Farquhar $25.99 billion Technology New South Wales
6 Harry Triguboff $20.81 billion Goods New South Wales
7 Clive Palmier $18.35 billion Mining QLD
8 Cliff Obrecht $15.89 billion Technology New South Wales
9 Melanie Perkins $15.89 billion Technology New South Wales
ten Ivan Glasenberg $9.10 billion Mining Abroad

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