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Who is the new character in the FF7: Ever Crisis trailer

The latest Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis trailer shows off a new character, or rather a version of an existing character who has never been seen.

The latest trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis featured a scene that seemed to show off a new character. The character’s identity is easy to work with, based on hints from the trailer, and statements made by the folks at Square Enix. never crisis is an upcoming mobile title that will narrate the entire Final Fantasy VII Compilationof The first soldier at Cerberus Doom Song.

FF7 started as a standalone project, but its popularity has led to several spin-off projects, including novels, games, and movies. This meant that characters and scenes were retroactively added to the lore of FF7, such as Genesis being partly responsible for Sephiroth’s descent into madness, and the members of the Turks present during Cloud and Sephiroth’s battle in the Nibelheim Reactor. All combined projects are known as Final Fantasy VII CompilationAlthough the FF7 remake the series is considered a separate entity, even though game events like crisis core and Before the crisis are referenced in the story.

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There was a new trailer for never crisis unveiled during the Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Celebration livestream, although it was overshadowed by announcements from FF7 Rebirth and Crisis team meeting. The trailer showed the famous scene of Sephiroth standing in front of the flames, but he’s replaced by a different character. The character turns around, but the viewer only sees his mouth in the shot. The character’s identity isn’t revealed in the trailer, but it’s clear who it is, especially considering an interview from the past.

Nomura mentioned that young Sephiroth will appear in Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy Advent Children, Sephiroth

never crisis and FF7 remake creative director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned in an interview with Famitsu this never crisis will feature scenes with a young version of Sephiroth. The trailer character appears to be a younger version of Sephiroth, with much shorter hair. It appears to have the same shoulder pad design, with three holes in the same position. The character also appears to be wielding a katana, though it’s clearly not the Masamune, meaning it’s possible that never crisis will show Sephiroth acquiring the sword.

The idea of ​​exploring Sephiroth’s backstory is intriguing, because that’s what fans originally assumed. The first soldier was around the time the trademark of his name leaked online. The fact that young Sephiroth is shown in the same circumstances as when he destroyed Nibelheim and is covered in blood suggests that he may have engaged in a similar rampage in his youth, which was covered up by the rulers. from Shinra. Glimpses of Sephiroth seen before the Nibelheim incident show him to be a quiet and reserved person, but that may not have always been the case, and never crisis could reveal a hidden, darker side to Sephiroth that didn’t come to light until he learned the truth about his origins.

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