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Will Smith shares ‘Best Shape of My Life’ YouTube trailer

Earlier this year, actor and producer Will Smith announced he was in the “worst shape of his life” in a candid Instagram photo. Since then he has been committed to losing weight and getting back into the best shape of his life. Along the way, Smith inspired other celebrities to take on the “Big Willie Challenge” including Marlon Wayans, Anthony Anderson and Dr. Dre.

Smith keeps fans up to date on social media as he tries out new workouts and provides tips for success. He tried (and failed) to flip a tire, attempted yoga, and parodied by improperly using the gym equipment. Since May, he has promised a YouTube series on his progress. Finally, we have a trailer and a date.

Smith will present his new show, Best shape of my lifee, on his channel on November 8. In a six-part unscripted series, the actor will give viewers a glimpse of his weight loss journey. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Smith shows off the physical, emotional and mental hurdles he faces in getting back into shape after 50, featuring talking heads in addition to documentary-style filming. The whole project began when he announced his intention to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks.

“When I started this show I thought I was in the best physical shape of my life,” the actor said. “But mentally, I was elsewhere. And I ended up discovering a lot of hidden things about myself.”

The trailer also features pundits discussing Smith’s project and clips of the actor talking honestly with his family about various struggles throughout his life. Plus, times when he doubts he could lose the 20 pounds at all. The series won’t just be about losing weight, but how Smith takes a hard look at himself and everything he’s accomplished so far.

“Now I’m about to show the world how little I know myself,” he says.

Smith also posted the trailer on his Instagram. The caption of the article seems to allude to the emotional heart of the upcoming series, as he wrote, “Not all projects work the way you want them to.”

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