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Wisdom Announces New Giant 1-Wheel Trailer at Gibtown Show 2022

The IISA 2022 show started on Tuesday, February 15 at 10 a.m. Slightly cooler weather greeted guests and vendors, many of whom were happy to have escaped colder northern climes. Crowds took a while to get started, but by noon they were arriving quite strong.

The show itself was bigger than 2021 but still hasn’t returned to normal, as the area behind the main building where Wisdom rides and others sat was still empty and used for parking.

Carnival Warehouse Announces New Print Magazine

At the Carnival Warehouse booth, it was announced that the online publication will now publish 10 issues per year, including many online articles with additional images and features.

Carnival Warehouse welcomed its first official subscriber to the new print magazine on Tuesday morning.

Matt Cook, publisher of Carnival Warehouse, said that after publishing print editions for trade shows over the past few years, feedback had been positive and the company had decided to go ahead with the printing of magazines, thereby strengthening its online presence. “We produced our trade show editions for the first time in 2019 and they have been extremely popular with our readers and advertisers,” Cook said. “In addition to the requests we receive for print editions of our online articles, we thought we would provide a magazine full of our popular articles and information such as our Top 50 Fairs and Carnivals lists,” he added.

While the print editions may seem like a step back in time, Carnival Warehouse and sister publication, Amusement Park Warehouse officials understand the nostalgia of keeping the printed page and saving issues for collection or reference.

The announcement of the new printing, made here at the show, marks a return to the industrial printing market. “Unfortunately we lost some industry related posts during the pandemic, but thankfully we were able to continue posting throughout thanks to our advertisers and supporters chronicling the issues everyone faced in 2020 and 2021. “, said Cook. “We’ve had so many requests for our special editions, we thought why not just go ahead and make the items available to anyone who wants them in print?”

Subscriptions to print editions, which are expected to begin in late spring, will be taken at the company’s booth at IISA or online.

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Reinvent the wheel

The show got off to a good start at the Wisdom Rides booth when Jared Davis announced the sale of a new wheel to Fred McDaniels of McDaniel Bros. New Jersey Amusements. The wheel has amazing new design points that are patent pending, and Davis is excited about the impact it will have on the entertainment industry.

The idea for the redesign came when show owner Tim Casper of PBJ Happee Days Shows was looking for something different in a wheel. He was unhappy with the builds currently on the market and was brainstorming ideas to improve the route for transportation and installation. After a conversation with Casper, Davis called Mark Blumhagen who has a long history of driving inventions and innovations. Together the three came up with the idea for the new wheel that Wisdom will make.

“We tried to reinvent just about every aspect of the wheel,” Davis said. The basic idea was to leave the bins on the wheel during transport, which saves a lot of time and labour. Only the covers need to be removed for transport. Plus, the rim irons stay on the ride and can be pinned to the top.

Concept Renderings of Wisdom’s NEW One Trailer Giant Wheel – Setup, Racking, and Assembly

The wheel will be over 60 feet tall and each tub will hold 4 people at a time. With 14 bathtubs, the carousel will accommodate a total of 64 people. Installation will only take an hour and a half for an experienced person and an assistant.

Davis cited other new design innovations for the wheel as something that would add to its popularity. “Instead of loading cars from the side, the bins load from the center, allowing you to load two cars at the same time. There are no center posts to bump your knees on,” Davis said.

The ride also has two redundant safety release mechanisms that allow guests to exit the ride in the event of a power loss.

Fred McDaniel, who purchased the first edition ride, is excited about the upgrades. Playing in New York and New Jersey, he encounters many places where he lacks space and having a two-wheel trailer just won’t work. With the trailer-like design and ease of setup, he can set up the wheel on just about any terrain he plays. “The ride is direct drive, it has nice LED lights on the ride and on the seats themselves, and the price is right,” he added.

The ride will run on a 48-foot trailer and feature a logo centerpiece. The route can also be modified to accommodate wheelchair users at the customer’s request. Davis said they can also add several different lighting packages to a model, depending on customer preference.

The wheel was kept secret while the patents were filed, so the design can be protected. The plans were only revealed about a day ago. Given the short time frame, Davis is excited about the buzz the wheel has received and expects it to generate a lot of interest as the design spreads.

With all the improvements made to the piece, Wisdom is truly reinventing the wheel.

Although the show doesn’t take up the space it did before COVID, attendees turned out in droves and were largely optimistic about the year ahead. The consensus was optimism for the 2022 season and that was reflected in eager shoppers making purchases. We’ll have more details in our updates throughout the week, but from ride manufacturers to canvas companies to suppliers, everyone was reporting a great start to the show.

Stay tuned to Carnival Warehouse for all Gibtown news and information. And don’t forget to subscribe to our new print edition from May.

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