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You’ll Delete Your Social Media After Watching the ‘Disagree’ Trailer

The trailer for Hulu’s upcoming dark comedy “Not Okay” dropped on Monday, and it made me want to delete my social media immediately.

“Not Okay” tells the story of Danni Sanders, played by Zoey Deutch, who fakes a trip to Paris on Instagram in hopes of boosting her social media following and, by extension, her romantic friends and prospects. according in tow. Her life seems empty because of her lack of friends, followers and lovers, a feeling I’m sure many young people understand.

Things go awry when a terrorist attack hits Paris and Sanders must perpetuate his lie as a hero, the trailer continues. Of course, the lie falls through and the character has to deal with the wrath of nameless and faceless strangers on the internet. (RELATED: Terrorist organization bans major social media platform, limiting connection to outside world)

The plot apparently tells the story of a young Millennial/Gen Zer who tries to be taken seriously in her career but gives up and ends up lying about who she is because she doesn’t want to be neglected anymore, remarked one of my friends. for me while we watched the trailer. “She’s lying instead of choosing to cultivate real talent or anything important,” my friend said, noting the similarity between the plot and how many people today invent identities to make themselves special. instead of working to create something meaningful.

Doesn’t that sum up the world we choose to live in? Right now we live in a society where narcissists are normalized on our phone screens and the worst, most useless people are given a platform to do nothing of note. Welcome to the age of social media, where we hand our children devices that have helped cultivate psychological contagion surrounding suicide, according to contemporary research.

Instead of being comfortable in their own business, young people base their level of self-esteem on a metric that would disappear in the event of a power outage. This is the story told in “Disagree”.

Social media is not doing well, especially TikTok. If I hadn’t needed Instagram and Twitter for work, I would have deleted them a long time ago. I think everyone should, but check out the “Not Okay” trailer first:

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