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Zac Efron’s Golden Trailer Sees The Idol Get Lifted Amid The Desert

In 2019, Zac Efron had goosebumps when he took on the role of Ted Bundy for the Netfix drama Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil and Vile, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen the actor play another hot leading role. Now we have our first look at his upcoming film, Goldand this is another intense thriller from the old musical high school heart stroke.

In the trailer above, Zac Efron stars in an upcoming film that sees him and another mysterious man (played by the film’s writer/director Anthony Hayes) traveling across the desert when they find gold…literally. But as the couple tries to reclaim their riches, crazy things start to happen.

Like Media Movies Screen describes it, Gold is set in about two wanderers who find the “biggest nugget of gold ever found” and their dreams of wealth and greed take hold of both of them. One of the men (Hayes) decides to leave the nugget in order to get the tools needed to excavate it while Efron’s character stays with the gold and has to endure the harsh elements, wild dogs and mysterious intruders who hide in the desert. Then he begins to suspect that he was abandoned by the other man.

Gold was announced at the end of 2020 and was filmed in Australia just like Zac Efron has decided to move to the Down Under. The film gives a lot of weight to Efron as he is left alone in the desert, allowing The greatest showman actor to really lean into being a leading man in an intense film. Recently, Efron called his experience work on the film as “brutal”, while sharing that he is “proud” of the work that has been done Gold.

After the passage of the actor of the comedy with Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil and Vile, Gold is another dramatic twist alongside his next leading role in the Fire starter redo. Although the actor hasn’t starred in a live-action film since 2019, like Ted Bundy and in The tramp on the beach with Matthew McConaughey, he had his own Netflix travel show in 2020 called Down to earth with Zac Efron. It is also working on a series of adventures titled Kill Zac Efron which will take the actor “deep into the jungle of a remote and dangerous island to etch his own name in the history of the expedition”.

With that in mind, it feels like a movie like Gold is just down the ave from Zac Efron. It looks like it will be a survival thriller that will test its character’s perseverance and challenge its spirit regarding the idea of ​​greed and wealth in our society. Gold is among The next movies of 2022 – it hits theaters on March 11 and will be available on demand on March 18.

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