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Zarrar Trailer Promises Shaan’s Mega Action-Packed Return

The trailer for Zarrar is here and it’s filled to the brim with plenty of details that deserve massive appreciation.

Contextualize Zarrar

The word “revival” is often used in relation to Pakistani cinema, with the emotional weight it carries, managing to leverage some form of support for the same.

However, with many promising releases in 2022 alone, in a world still recovering from a global pandemic, much of the content speaks for itself and stands on its own. Zarrar is another film in the line of many that promises larger-than-life entertainment with a message in a way that may yet have audiences flocking to theaters.

Zarrar: Cast and crew

Zarrar marks the long-awaited return of one of Pakistan’s most notable actors: Shaan Shahid. Having written and directed the film, Zarrar follows Shaan’s journey as the protagonist, with Nadeem Baig, Adnan Butt, Nayyar Ejaz and Kiran Malik also featured in the film.

As for the conceptualization, Adnan Butt reportedly came up with the original concept, with Shaan digging really deep to refine and ultimately present the project. It is produced under the banner of Jehan Films.


The best way to sum up the trailer would be to call it awe-inspiring. The cinematography is exceptionally brilliant, with every frame delivering jaw-dropping shots. There is a helicopter shot that is almost reminiscent of the descent of Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, And you know what? That works. More than anything else, it’s the way the film is shot and rated that will blow your mind.

Shaan Shahid in Zarrar

It would be remiss if Shaan Shahid wasn’t mentioned in the trailer. It’s obvious he strained to play the role of a rogue spy bent on protecting his homeland, and his action sequences are well choreographed, creative, and expertly executed. There’s no way to say that: Shaan looks great.

Zarrar: Thematic elements

Zarrar deals with the themes of patriotism, nationalism and the defense of one’s homeland. We can even go so far as to say that, perhaps, elements of a local hero standing up against foreign powers are present, which also makes it a politically relevant undertaking. While little can be conclusively deduced, these thematic elements could inspire the more patriotic factions of the public to frequent the cinemas, cheering on their hero.

Verdict so far

While the jury is still out on how Zarrar will perform like a movie, it’s safe to say that the trailer will create quite a stir among fans, due to its timely relevance and overall look.

The film also poses many important questions that become points to ponder, such as “How much suffering will it take for us to become a nation?” These are pertinent questions, and we hope this English-Urdu hybrid film will answer them with its eventual release.

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